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Old-world skill + New-world design = One-of-a-kind results

  • 30 years experience
  • National Design Award
  • Multiple Patent Holders
  • Copyright protection on every property and design
Life is too short to not do what you love. So we do what we love all the time: unique, beautiful, one-of-a-kind building projects.

The founder of Lazy River Company, Mark Davis, discovered his love of woodworking in college. What started as a hobby -- building grandfather clocks -- soon expanded into designing cabinets. And soon after that, he was putting in beautiful showrooms at the Dallas World Trade Center and the Dallas Apparel Mart.


The tougher projects lit Mark's fire, matching woodwork in 100-year old homes along Swiss Avenue, keeping the look and respecting its structural integrity behind the scenes improving plumbing, electrical, re-framing and tile work. Later visitors found it impossible to distinguish the old from the new section of the home because Mark took the time to learn how things were done 100 years ago, before power tools, when homes were built with handsaws and spike nails.

Within 8 years, Mark put all his hardwon knowledge to use in building new homes, building them the way they used to be done: not the easy way, not the most profitable way, not the fastest way, but simply the right way. And on that, his reputation grew. And even commercial projects saw the benefit of special doors, handcrafted woodwork, old-school tiling.

Pools became popular and Mark dived in, but always taking his work to that higher level of quality. Poolscapes fathered cabanas, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, waterfalls, spillways and playgrounds.

Today, "pool builders" and general contractors are not the same thing. And so the Lazy River Company does not fit the mold.  We do construction for both outdoor and indoor living. Small projects and large.

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Case History

Tornado Damage


Hit by a tornado, the chapel had become a leaning Tower of Piza. Unsafe to enter and about to be condemned, except for one frivilous little detail: an important wedding had been schedule just 50 days away. Lazy River inspected the structure and felt it was salvagable. They brought in engineers to confirm the fact and started work with the clock ticking.


The structure was righted and an unobtrusive system of columns, trusses, braces and something more right out of the Rennaisance: flying butteresses, as seen in the famous Notre Dame of Paris and Westminister Abbey. The result was a chapel even more beautiful than it had ever been. And the wedding was held right on time.


Case History

Seamless Remodeling


The project was to double the size of a 65-year old home now in use as an office building. The property had retained it's oak floors and woodwork and period trim. It was important to also protect the integrity of the building and making the additions blend seamlessly.

To make matters more challenging, thoughout the renovation phase, the building was fully occupied and noise was a factor. And so we built, quietly.

Our construction ideal is "invisibility"; our motto comes from the rules of respectful for nature taught to Boy Scouts and the like: "When we leave, you don't know we were ever there."

As you can see from these photos, the work and final results were a total success.



barn1"We had searched high and low for some kind of modular building system that made sense, and Lazy River has the best system by far. The buildings are re-configurable so later you can use them for something else. Use one as a cabin. Later turn it into a garage. Of if you have three, you can stack them and make a house or a barn. It just makes good sense, and the workmanship is excellent so we expect they will last for many years." F.C.
hotel"My company uses Lazy River because 1) We can trust them, 2) They do the job right the first time, and 3) Mark Davis puts in an extraordinary level of creativity and imagination into everything he does. In a way, I think of him like I think of the fellows who work for Walt Disney -- where they try to 'plus' everything they do, meaning make it better and richer than anyone expects it to be. I understand that kind of thinking, because that's what we are about." L.T.
dance-studio"Lazy River Company did the renovations on my new dance studio and they (Mark) did a FANTASTIC job. I was really dreading the chore of having to explain to a contractor the necessity of getting the floor just right. Dancers require special flooring, with just the right materials, bounce, slide... all these factors. And our building was not a good candidate for the work. Mark totally took care of it, and understood what we needed from the start. Professional dancers that come here all comment on the quality of the dance surface." J.T.
church"We have worked with Lazy River on several projects and I can tell you for sure, it doens't matter what kind of project you throw at Mark Davis, he's knows how to do it and at fantastic quality, inside and out. Mark is one of those guys who -- when you pull back the cabinet to see the places the customer doesn't ever see -- he's taken care with every single detail. I guess "integrity" is the word. Structural integrity, design integrity -- beautiful design -- and personal integrity." C.B.
pool61"We've known and worked with Mark on several projects and he is really excellent. He knows what he's doing with all his years of experience, but more than that, Mark is actually an artist who takes great pride in doing the job... not just "right" -- but way better than anyone expected him to. He consistently "out does" himself on everything he does. That's the kind of craftsman/artist/engineer he is."  M.D.

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